Dave Dobbyn talks about the Ross Sea

For those that don’t know, I’m making a feature documentary on the Ross Sea Antarctica called ‘The Last Ocean.’  To date I have spoken to a lot of scientists and politicians about the Ross Sea but I want to open it up to others who have also been moved and inspired by this special part of the world.

Iconic New Zealand singer/song-writer Dave Dobbyn was invited to visit the Ross Sea region in November 2010 as one of New Zealand’s Antarctic Arts Fellows. He  was able to visit the historic huts of Ross Island, the McMurdo Dry Valleys and Adélie penguin rookery at Cape Royds. He even played a gig for staff at the Scott Base bar, ‘The Tatty Flag’.

Dave is now working on some music inspired by his time on the ice. Keeping these last wild places protected is vital for the well being of planet Earth. Here’s a small excerpt from the interview. I will be editing the documentary later this year and intend to release it early 2012. If you’re interested there’s more info here.

2 thoughts on “Dave Dobbyn talks about the Ross Sea

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