Welcome to the official blog of the Last Ocean Charitable Trust.

The Last Ocean Charitable Trust is a Christchurch, New Zealand-based organisation working to protect the Ross Sea, Antarctica, the last intact open-ocean ecosystem on earth.

The Ross Sea is a living laboratory, providing our last chance to study and understand how a healthy marine ecosystem functions. But the natural balance of the Ross Sea ecosystem is now under threat. An international fishing fleet is targeting Antarctic toothfish, sold as “Chilean sea bass” in up-market restaurants around the world.

There is still a chance to protect the Ross Sea. The international body providing governance over the waters around Antarctica has made a commitment to designate a network of Marine Protected Areas by 2012.  This organisation comprises of 25 member nations of which New Zealand is one.

The Last Ocean Charitable Trust would like the New Zealand Government to support the protection of the entire Ross Sea, by phasing out commercial fishing and endorsing the establishment of a comprehensive Marine Protected Area.

We need your help. Take action now.

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