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  1. Hello,I am amazed that our NZ Prime minister and collegues seem to be ‘ducking for cover’ and keeping clear from public comment re ‘The Last Ocean ‘ concept?…very few of our gov officials have dared to go public throughout this whole sorry debacle?….Could this issue be so indefencible such that they now fear for their futures?
    I note that to date there is global petition from all those concerned enough to show full agreement for all the proposed Antarctic Marine Reserves…almost 1million global citizenship strong ..and growing.I’ve really beeen encouraged by mans conscience showing through at this crucial moment. These citizens seek protection from further interferance for this least modified remaining sector of the world we all share… and should have shown more respect and care for.
    Shame on NZ officials who were responsible for this sorry exploitation fishery ever passing concept stage.

  2. Fabulous film, and an important flag to wave for a more sane future.

    One point: above I see mention of the Ross Sea ecosystem as “fragile”. Not so. Rather, like everywhere else before it, it is resilient but vulnerable to massive external disruptions, especially profound loss of biomass at the top of the food chain. Ecologists “think” that time-honored predators (here Toothfish and Whales) keep ecosystems in balance. The Ross Sea could be the last chance to see this theory working to perfection. Oh, for a more sane future.

  3. I read through “The Last Pristine Ocean: The Ross Sea” on the site. I was just taken back by one sentence that boasts the area is “absent” of sharks. Is this just to say that there are no species of shark indigenous to the area? Or was the possibility ruled out based on the multiple sample areas of exploration and the shear limiting factors of sharks genetic makeup?
    I apologize if this may come off as a semantic arguement but I’m researching bodies of water, particularly seas, hoping to build a suggestive arguement about the presence of sharks in “uninhabitable” bodies of water (for sharks specifically).

    • Hi Travis!

      From my understanding, there are no sharks indigenous or found in this area because of the water temperatures. The fish species endemic to this region have anti-freeze proteins which prevent ice crystals from forming inside of them. Sharks do not have this protein and therefore cannot thrive under these conditions (in the Ross Sea specifically). I believe this is what Dr. David Ainley is referring to here. Hope that helps clear up any confusion!

  4. Hello, I wondered if you are interested in Theatrical and Home Entertainment distribution of the film in NZ and Australia?

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