Last Ocean Documentary – time for an ice cream

We’re almost half way through the NZ tour with the Last Ocean Doco, it’s time for intermission. We’ve had sell out theatres in both Auckland and Wellington. Next stop Dunedin this weekend and then to the home town of Ch Ch before the NZ FIlm Festival takes the film onto Hamilton, Tauranga and Nelson. If you haven’t seen it already (8,600 people have)¬† check out the promo.

As a film maker this is an incredibly rewarding time. Sitting in the theatre sharing the images, moments and emotions of the past six years with the audience.

It is a HUGE relief to finally get this baby out into the world and to see the way in which it has been emmbraced by the public – thankyou, to those who have been in touch, commented and joined our Facebook page. Thanks to the wonderful and committed team that brought this together – special mention – my partner Tracy who has been there beside me EVERY step of the way. The team in US – Dave, John & Cassandra we’re still in this together and that’s a huge strength of LO. Finally to the team that hung in there for the months of bringing this doco down from 70 hours to 90 minutes – Jonno, Richard, Jen & Emma. The media coverage has been phenominal as well – thanks Niki.

Just a note for those who have signed up to become a friend of Last Ocean (FOLO). While we send out a newsletter every two months or so, the best way to stay in touch with the daily comings and goings around the Last Ocean camapign and Ross Sea is through  Facebook.

Things are heating up considerably on the political front as nations prepare for CCAMLR 2012. A NZ delegation has spent the last week in the US trying to negotiate a joint proposal for an MPA. This is our opportunity to leave something of incredible value and significance to future generations – I hope that get this right. More on that to come in the next week. Watch this space. Thanks again to you all, Peter