Word from the People

We have collected a few quotes off The Last Ocean on Facebook from people that have seen the film, and we would like to share it with everyone. With much thanks and appreciation.


This is the most amazing film ever. I had the privilege of going to it’s debut showing in Auckland. The Ross Sea is part of my heritage, the very land my Great Great Great Grandfather , Sir James Clarke Ross discovered in 1841. The scenery moved me to tears, as did the tireless effort of the whole team who put it together. Please bring it up North or get producing the DVDs so we can create private shows to wow the Northlanders.
-Philippa Ross


We have a very corporate government in power, and it is embarrassing as a New Zealander that we are letting this happen.
-Andy Thompson


Please let the appropriate folks know that there a bunch of us that are hoping we can view/buy a dvd or whatever this in the USA!’
-Kathleen Gorski


To Peter Young and everyone involved in putting this film together:: I am, as are so many who attended the premiere tonight, eternally grateful for this extreme effort. The film was both beautiful and disturbing…actually, terrifying. But it is now up to every single one of us – knowing what we know – to rise up and fight for this last surviving ecosystem. Tell everyone! Sign the petition! Be the movement!
-Jack Maverick


Was at Northlands Chch to see it last nite, loved it. Lets get behind this cause and ensure minority interests (lets face it, big business IS the minority) don’t destroy this natural wonder.
-Chris Wilkinson


Great movie. Com’on Kiwis wake up and take action today before there is no tomorrow.
-Linda Chong


A very moving film – hope CCAMLR makes the right decision later this year. As an Australian visitor (with daughter living on the Kapiti Coast) I was deeply moved by the film. I sincerely hope CCAMLR makes the right decision later this year & I will sent my postcard to the minister.
-Ing Cuttiford


Amazingly informative documentary. Thank you Peter Young. We need to stand up collectively and say no to all commercial fishing in the Ross Sea!!!
-Erin Anson


All New Zealanders should see this film. Shame on NZ fishing industry and shame on the politicians who have allowed it. Now STOP!
-Rosemary Penwarden


Fantastic work! I hope common sense will prevail.
-Andy Thompson


Loved your film Pete, a complex and compelling story told with great skill and sincerity .. a huge job so well done. All the best as your campaign continues.
-Mark Everton


Really Well done! I went back to work and signed up the petition on your website and sent an email to the Minister about it.
-Cynthia Monica Akihary-Ecclestone


Some emperor penguin colonies must journey more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) by sea and 160 km (100 mi) by land from the site of their molt to their breeding colonies, where they begin their courtship in early winter on the ice that surrounds Antarctica. Photo by John B. Weller


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